Saturday, November 7, 2009

Got a phone with Android, now what?

I've been playing around with programming for the Android for about a month now and yesterday I decided that I was tired of testing things out on the emulated phone that comes with the SDK and that I wanted to get an actual phone to play with. I bought a Motorola CLIQ and have spent most of the morning playing with it. So far it's been a lot of fun and it's a very impressive phone. I'm still getting used to getting around on it and it doesn't seem nearly as polished as my iPod touch, but it's very usable and intuitive.

As I continue learning the ins and outs of Android development, I plan to post some of my problems and solutions here, both as a way of possibly getting some help with my questions and sharing solutions to what are probably some common problems.

Hopefully it all works out!

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